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Shanghai Shanjia Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd., focusing on the sealing,With the foam sealing  system research ,development, manufacture, sales and service, Committed  to manufacturers,system integrators, scientific research institutions and other users, provide lead sealing system overall design, services and solutions, To building intelligent manufacturing system,Improve the competitiveness of customers ahead of time

The company was founded by the world's leading expert in seal experts. Master key technologies such as seal control and drive, A research laboratory of rubber liquid, Launched in 2010, the first with independent intellectual property rights of domestic automatic constant high pressure water cleaning (5-30 mm) polyurethane foam sealing equipment. In 2011 we research automatic trace of high pressure water cleaning (2 -- 10 mm) polyurethane foam sealing machine, And obtained multiple national patents. At present, the first sealed equipment produced by the company has been running for more than 52,560 hours. The total number of automatic glue dispensing machine  has exceeded more than 1000 piece.

Since its inception in 2010, The company adhered to the core values of "good water and good quality". Insisting on scientific and technological innovation, We have a variety of single and double sealed automatic products, including polyurethane sealing, butyl glue sealant, silicone rubber coating, hot melt glue and sealant sealing, etc. It is widely used in automobiles, electrical appliances, electronics, refrigeration, purification, filter, new energy and other industries

Shanjia its unique "seal control" technology, Using our years of professional experience, And a deep understanding of customer requirements, Continuously satisfy the customer's pursuit of product diversification and high quality, Continue to create maximum value for customers.


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