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SJ-305 Automatic hot melt glue dispensing machine


SJ-305 automatic hot melt glue dispensing machine is driven by panasonic servo motor in Japan, running smoothly and smoothly, 2D, 3D workpiece can be machined, CNC multi-dimensional difference, realize arbitrary trajectory coating.
German original heating rubber pump to ensure the accuracy of measurement


The automatic hot-melt adhesive butyl glue dispenser and glue spreader is a kind of sealing equipment which is suitable for automobile industry sealing. The strip width of this equipment is 4mm- 15mm, sealing strip is high temperature, anti-corrosion, waterproof and dustproof. The protection level can reach the grade advantage of IP67. It is suitable for car door waterproof membrane, decorative pieces, headlights, car body plate and skeleton, car body board seam, body top cover, flange and oil tank etc.

Model: SJ - 305

The main functions of automatic hot-melt glue dispenser and glue applicator are:

1.Intelligent control system, two - dimensional and three - dimensional workpieces can be switched.

2.The intelligent low-pressure alarm function prevents the equipment from working in low-pressure environment, resulting in the damage of the equipment and the poor quality of the products.

3.Intelligent automatic generation of graphics functions, two-dimensional products without programming.

4.Automatically adjust the temperature control device, 15 °, 45 ° between both can adjust. (no air-conditioning)

5.High pressure automatic water cleaning function, energy saving, environmental protection, no harm to the human body.

The main technical parameters of the sj-305 automatic hot-melt glue dispenser and spreader:

Item  Parameter Note
X×Y×Z 2250×1250×200(mm)  triaxial linkage
 Measuring precision  ±0.02%  
Work pressure limit and alarm 0-4 Mpa  
Filter accuracy 40-50 um  
Output quantity 0.5-20 g/s  
Strip the width 4-15mm  
Runing speed 5-15m/min  
Repeated positioning accuracy  ±0.05mm  
Air pressure requires ≧0.6Mpa  
Total power 6-8KW  
Frequency 50HZ  
Voltage three-phase five-wire 380V