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SJ-306 automatic Foam Sealing Machine (network version)


The intelligent control system can be customized, English and other languages. The size of the workpiece, the drawing and technical parameters can be stored in the system and can be called directly when used


1. Intelligent control system, customizable, English and other languages, the size of the workpiece, the drawing file and technical parameters can be stored in the system, which can be called directly             when used;

2. The system intelligent operation simulation function completely eliminates the processing errors caused by human dimension problems in the production process.

3.intelligent graphics automatic generating function, 2 d product without programming, the operator only need to input point at the interface between the rubber size, 3 d can U disk mapping, 2 d, 3 d can switch processing, can also realize multidimensional poor repair;

4. Arbitrary figures and arbitrary trajectories (round, square, trapezoid, L, C, straight, etc.) can be applied to the glue, and can realize the change of the thickness of any section of the adhesive in a graph;

5. The system has the function of analog memory, which can be realized without graphic school.


Equipment model

Running distance (MM)

Strip the width



Maximum moving speed

Support network






30 meters / minute

Wireless LAN

Automobile, new energy, high and low voltage distribution cabinet, refrigeration, purification and filtration, waterproof box, explosion-proof industries, lamps and lanterns and other products need to be sealed