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SJ-303Full Automatic Constant Glue Dispensing Machine


SJ-303 automatic foam sealing gasket machine is widely used in the industries of filter, purifier, filter, distribution cabinet, explosion-proof housing and lighting lampshade etc.

1.Shanjia glue control system is developed by senior experts in Germany aiming at polyurethane raw materials.the human computer interface is optimized by localization.

2.The system has the functions of intelligent operation simulation , graphic auto-generating function, u-disk guide, fault alarm, overpressure alarm, lack of alarm, etc.

3.The equipment is driven by servo motor, running smoothly , 2D, 3D workpiece can be processed, CNC multi-dimensional difference, realize arbitrary trajectory coating.

4.The high precision mixing head (SJ400) with independent intellectual property rights has the excellent performance of instant blocking, preventing drop feeding, turbocharging, 360 degree cleaning without dead Angle

5.The metering pump is 100% original imported from the world's leading metering pump manufacturer, Germany (Barmag), and adopts the Japanese panasonic servo precision reducer drive to ensure the measurement accuracy.

 6.The stainless steel 316 double pressure tank equipped with automatic filling and intelligent thermostatic device can be used even in low temperature environment.Equipped with handheld operation panel,more easy to use. 



Running distance

Output quantity


The strip width



SJ-303Full automatic constant glue dispensing machine

2250mm*1250mm*200mm(Itinerary customizable)




Intelligent water clean

 Cabinet, lighting, automobile, electronic, filter, explosion-proof housing, household appliances, new energy, communication, etc