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SJ-304 Automatic Micro Foam Sealing Gasket Machine


The micro-precision sealing machine adopts the technique of the site seal injection molding, the sealing strip of the processing is the most fine up to 2mm, which is especially suitable for the sealing of small workpiece.

Trace precision sealing glue machine adopts the sealing glue casting forming technology, processing the sealing strip of the finest up to 2 mm, especially suitable for the seal of small workpieces, this equipment is not only more accurate processing, also easy to operate, the processing of sealing strip for a forming, no seams, and full of strong adhesive force, protection grade up to IP67. Therefore, the sealing is higher than the normal sealing ring, and the equipment is suitable for lighting lamps, electronic products, hardware small pieces, filters, distribution boxes and other industries.

一、 Equipment characteristics

1. Humanized intelligent control system:

     Two - dimensional and three - dimensional workpiece can be switched on.

     Fault alarm function to prevent the equipment from running in the event of failure.

      Automatic generation of graphics system, two-dimensional workpiece without programming, direct input size can be operated;

      Low pressure alarm function, eliminate the bad pressure caused by air pressure in the equipment work;

      Equipped with hand-held handle, it is more convenient for the more delicate workpiece.

2. Intelligent water cleaning function:

    Using high pressure intelligent water cleaning, science, environmental protection, energy saving;

    The number shows the pressure of AB material, the ingredients are easy to adjust

3. Material barrel

     15L automatic temperature control double layer stainless steel barrel

      No material automatic alarm

      Automatic mixing plant

     Automatic gas

二、Technical parameters

Item  Parameter Note
X×Y×Z 800*600*160(mm)  triaxial linkage
 Measuring precision  ±0.1%  
Work pressure limit and alarm 0-4 Mpa  
Filter accuracy 0-5 um  
Output quantity 0.05-1.5g/s  
Strip the width 2-10mm  
Runing speed 0-20m/min  
Repeated positioning accuracy  ±0.05mm  
Air pressure requires 0.5-0.8Mpa  
Total power 3-4KW  
Frequency 50HZ  
Voltage three-phase five-wire 380V