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SJ-304 Automatic Micro Foam Sealing Gasket Machine


LED polyurethane sealant refers to a sj-304 microprecision polyurethane sealant glue machine (dispensing machine) produced by Shanghai shanjia autonomous research and development.

LED polyurethane sealing glue reference of Shanghai Shanjia independent research and development production of a SJ - 304 micro precision of polyurethane sealing glue machine (coating machine), adopts digital control panel, Shanjia independent research and development of intelligent control system, support local area network (LAN), the file can be directly transfer, external camera can remote detection diagnosis equipment failure; The hardware part of the system USES the American DSP chip to ensure the system is more stable.

The width range of the sealing strip is 2mm-10mm. It is widely used in the sealing of LED lampshade, electronic products, locks and other industries.

Intelligent automatic generation of graphics functions, two-dimensional products without programming.

The hybrid cavity developed by German technology is patented and compatible with domestic and foreign glue.

The automatic automatic alarm function automatically adds A raw material to ensure sufficient raw material during the whole production process.

The sealing of the sealing strip is good, and the protection level can reach the grade advantage of IP67.