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How to solve the glue valve leakage problem?

2017-07-13 15:39:43Author:adminSource:善佳机械

Shanghai shanjia has the following and effective solutions to the problems that often occur when the glue valve is used.


1, the rubber valve drip because use 95% of the needle diameter is too small, too small needle may also affect the rubber valve began to use the bubble motion, as long as the change of larger needles can solve this problem. With taper needle, liquid flow is the best. The air inside the liquid will leak after the glue valve is closed, preferably to remove the air in the liquid in advance or to use the glue that is not easy to contain air bubble or to use after spinning the glue.


2. The size of the gelatine is inconsistent when the glue is inconsistent and the pressure cylinder or pressure instability is mainly generated for the storage of the fluid. The pressure pressure regulating meter should be set to 10 to 15Mpa lower than the minimum pressure in the plant. Used pressure cylinder pressure should be between regulating table above, should avoid to use the pressure between the pressure of low pressure parts, rubber pressure valve control shall be at least more than 60 mpa to ensure that the glue is stable. The last check out time. If less than 15/1000 of a second will destabilize the glue, the glue the more time to grow more stably.


3. If the flow rate is too slow, the line should be changed from 1/4 to 3/8. If the pipeline has no need, the shorter the better.


4. The solution of bubbles in the fluid is to reduce the pressure of the fluid and use tapered needle.

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