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A solution that can't be rotated by a mixing mixer when coated

2017-07-13 15:44:35Author:adminSource:善佳机械

The reason for the unrotation of mixers and the specific solution of the mixing mixer when the glue is applied. The following aspects are based on the long-term application of glue in Shanghai Shanjia, and the reasons for the unnormal rotation of mixers are summarized.

1. The hybrid electric 220V power supply is not opened.


2. The hybrid motor line is damaged or loose.


3. A blender or bearing has a card to die


4. The server driver menu is not displayed PC mode.

Specific solutions:


1. Open the 220V power switch of the hybrid motor driver


2. Check the wiring of the hybrid motor and plug in the interface of the back and front end of the hybrid motor


3. Check whether the mixing room is clean and the mixed gun bearing is damaged and needs to be replaced



4. Turn off the power to restart the machine. (after restart, the PC mode is not displayed to check the front and back end of the motor line connector and the end of the control system


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