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The preparation and attention of the operator of the glue machine

2017-07-13 15:45:45Author:adminSource:善佳机械

Shanghai Shanjia hoped that by paying attention to these matters, the operators of the glue machine can extend the use life of the glue machine.


1. Operators must undergo systematic training and complete control of the operation rules and key points of glue equipment;


2. The glue equipment needs regular maintenance;


3. Mechanical fuselage, the working table should be stable (the floor screw can adjust the machine level);


4. The machine should be kept in a well-ventilated place to avoid excessive dust to keep the air in circulation. The room shall be kept dry to prevent electric shock from the control cabinet;


5.Regularly Check  for abnormal mechanical parts;


6. Check  the cleaning water pump button is opened before work, and whether the pump well water outlet is connected with the water source;


7. When all mechanical transmission parts are installed, grease should be applied to prevent the raw material from solidifying on the surface of the parts;


8. The total mechanical gas needs to be kept above 0.6mpa;


9. Raw material barrel pressure (A need to guarantee 0.1mpa) (B needs to guarantee 0.05 mpa);


10. In the case of production without production, two days should be turned on to rotate the gear pump so that the raw materials can be recycled to avoid crystallization;


11. The outlet filter of raw material barrel needs to be removed regularly and cleaned.


12. All parts of the mixed gun should not be used to scrape the surface of the parts with blades, and they should be soaked in water with a cleaner.

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